Upcoming events

    • 05 Apr 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    Back by popular demand is the multi-station demonstration event that was so popular 2 years ago.  This month we'll have the following station demos:

    • Woodcut Coring System: see Bill Karow demo this popular system.  He'll show how works and if you tip him big he might let you give it a try!
    • Kitchen & household items: Tiffany Lee will demo turning a French rolling pin and have other internet items on display.  Bring you questions on how to set up your website sales. Check out her website at Tiff_Wood
    • Surface Embellishments: Bill Giffin will be showing the many ways of decorating turning shapes at which he excels!  Bill is known for this skill as he has brought in many impressive pieces for Show and Tell.
    • Sharpening with a Strip Sander:  long time turner David Williams will demonstrate his favorite method of sharpening; a nice complement to the March sharpening class. 
    • Vacuum Chuck System:  Roger Crooks will bring his system and be available to answer questions about its use and his experience.
    • Diversity in Wood Turning Design:  Member Jim Hall will show us his use of different materials and creations that he combines with his wood crafted items.  These include weavings, carvings, rose engine work that are combined to make artistic pieces.  
    After the meeting announcements and Show and Tell table judging, we'll begin the demos.  You'll be able to wander to where your interest takes you for the next hour or so.  
    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge = Did you turn a pepper or salt mill?  Bring them in!

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.

    • 03 May 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    Join us for our May meeting where John Beechwood will discuss and show the various methods of texturing the surfaces of his turnings.  You've likely seen other turners do texturing, spiraling and other methods with the special tools available.  This demo will be an introduction to the practice, but with a personal twist.  John has developed a method for decorating the rims of bowls, for example, a rather tricky operation.  Whether you are an experienced turner or new to the idea of texturing, join us to see John's approach to the popular technique.

    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge = See Newsletter

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.

    • 07 Jun 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Multnomah Arts Center

    The always popular and very competent Tom Willing will demonstrate how to turn a sphere.  Tom says that it does look daunting but one you spend the effort to learn how it is very satisfying.  You may recall that last year, Tom demonstrated how to turn an egg, so this will be another opportunity to learn how to turn something that will amaze others. 

    This meeting will be one week before the AAW Symposium comes to town, so there'll e a buzz and lots to talk about as well.  

    Show & Tell - Bring your items for show and tell! 

    Monthly Challenge

    Monthly Wood Raffle - $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    NWWT Store Open - Great deals on CA glue, sanding discs, AnchorSeal, and more.

    • 14 Jun 2018
    • 17 Jun 2018
    • Oregon Convention Center


    June 14-17, 2018

    The AAW announced a club discount program to attend this year’s symposium in Portland.  If NWWT can sign up 10 or more people to attend the symposium, all will get a $25 discount lowering the attendance fee to $300.

    Update: We cannot accept PayPal payments for this event - send a check as described below


    • You must have a valid AAW membership (if not you can join at for $60)
      • Registration for non-members is $445 so joining provides a significant savings.
    • To pay your $300 fee send a check to
      10190 SW Washington St
      Portland, Or 97225
    • You must register and pay by March 31, 2018.
    • You can still register for the symposium after March 31 but must do so through the AAW website and pay the full amount ($325).
    • Note this does not include the Celebration Dinner ($55).  You can order this through the AAW website.

Past events

10 Mar 2018 Sharpening Skills - Hands On Class
01 Mar 2018 March Meeting: Mike Meredith - Pepper & Salt Mills
03 Feb 2018 Ashley Harwood on Turning Skills - All Day Demo
02 Feb 2018 Bowl Turning Skills - Hands On Class
01 Feb 2018 February Meeting:Demonstrator Ashley Harwood
04 Jan 2018 January Meeting - Annual Tool Swap
02 Nov 2017 November Meeting:Demonstrator Jerry Harris "Turning a Cowboy Hat" and Annual Elections
05 Oct 2017 October Meeting: Dan Tilden, "Exploring Natural Edge Designs"
08 Sep 2017 Making Animated Toys - All Day Demo
07 Sep 2017 September Meeting: Animated Toys by Richard Dlugo
05 Aug 2017 August Meeting: Annual Picnic and Auction
08 Jul 2017 Hands On Class: Tania Radda: Embellishing Your Turnings with Cold Bend Hardwood
06 Jul 2017 July Meeting: Tania Radda: Artful Turnings Using Cold Bend Hardwood
17 Jun 2017 Woodworker Estate Sale - Update
01 Jun 2017 June Meeting: Lloyd Johnson: The Latest Trends in Segmented Turning
13 May 2017 Making a Windsor Stool
04 May 2017 May Meeting: Miguel Hernandez: Multi-axis off-center turning
06 Apr 2017 April Meeting: Tom Wiling: Turning an egg form
02 Mar 2017 March Meeting: Rick Rich - Turning a Windsor Stool
02 Feb 2017 February Meeting: Michael Ferreira - Unique Color Finishes
22 Jan 2017 TVFD "Plug" Program and Spindle Turning Class
01 Dec 2016 December Meeting - No Meeting - Merry Christmas!
03 Nov 2016 November Meeting: Elections, Tom Willing - Chucking and Scott Trumbo Serious Toolworks
06 Oct 2016 October Meeting: Reed Gray: 3 Skills for Turning
24 Sep 2016 Turner's shop sale- Saturday, Sept 24, 2016
24 Sep 2016 Tom Wirsing - Platter Work - Hands-On Class - Saturday
23 Sep 2016 Tom Wirsing - Platter Work - All-day demo - Friday
01 Sep 2016 September Meeting: Tom Hasting-Turning Natural Edge Bowls
13 Aug 2016 Spindle Turning and Beyond w/Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler- All-day demo
12 Aug 2016 Spindle Turning and Beyond w/Graeme Priddle & Melissa Engler- Hands-On Class
06 Aug 2016 NWWT Picnic & Auction
16 Jul 2016 Sharpening - Techniques, Jigs and Grinders
07 Jul 2016 July Meeting: Carl Jacobson: Three Piece Boxes
25 Jun 2016 Wally Dickerson shop sale- Saturday, June 25
02 Jun 2016 June Meeting: Phil Lapp: Hollowing Systems & Trent Bosch Visualizer System
05 May 2016 May Meeting: Steve Newberry: Turn a Ladle
07 Apr 2016 April Meeting: Terry Gerros - Twists (April 7, 2016)
03 Mar 2016 March Meeting: Rotating Demos (March 3, 2016)
20 Feb 2016 Ashley Harwood - Hands-On Class (Saturday Feb 20, 2016)
19 Feb 2016 Ashley Harwood - All-Day Demo (Friday Feb 19, 2016)
04 Feb 2016 February Meeting: Dale Larson - From Tree to Bowl (Feb 4, 2016)
07 Jan 2016 January Meeting - 1-7-16 - Annual Tool Swap
03 Dec 2015 December Meeting - No Meeting - Merry Christmas!
05 Nov 2015 November Meeting 11-5-15 - Turning a Crotch - Phil Lapp
01 Oct 2015 October Meeting 10-1-15 - Jim Hall - Ornaments
05 Sep 2015 Christian Burchard – All Day Class
04 Sep 2015 Christian Burchard – All Day Demo
03 Sep 2015 September Meeting - Christian Burchard
08 Aug 2015 NWWT Picnic & Auction
06 Aug 2015 August Meeting - Canceled - Auction Instead
11 Jul 2015 North Woods - Warehouse Sale & Open House
02 Jul 2015 July Meeting 7-2-15 - Finishing Techniques
20 Jun 2015 Guild Day at Rockler's - CANCELLED
13 Jun 2015 Wood Selection & Processing - Refine Your Skills
04 Jun 2015 June Meeting 6-4-15
22 May 2015 Portland City Fair Demonstrators Needed
02 Apr 2015 April meeting
06 Mar 2015 Oregon Woodturning Symposium - Volunteer Work
05 Mar 2015 March Meeting
28 Feb 2015 Sharpening - Refine Your Skills
05 Feb 2015 February Meeting

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