The officers and members welcome you to the Northwest Woodturners.  We appreciate the honor of serving the NWWT.  Many of us have held various offices over the years, others are serving for the first time.  We appreciate the honor and invite you to join us.  Bring your ideas and help us innovate to create an exciting wood turning environment that stimulates our imagination, appreciates our current work and helps us improve.

2018 Officers, Board Members and Staff Volunteers

President:  Steve Newberry

Vice President:  Mike Porter

Treasurer:  Roger Crooks

Secretary:  David Williams

Board Members

Staff Volunteers

Mike Meredith, Past President

Newsletter:  Barbara Hall starting 2/2018

Lynne Hemmert

Photographer:  Jim Schoeffel

Jim Schoeffel

Store Sales:  David Hollister through 9/2018

Bill Herrold

Library:  Lynne Hemmert and Alex McDowell

Bill Giffin

Raffle:  Jacki Yi through 9/2018

Barbara Hall

AV Backup:  Bill Karow

Richard Hall

Demonstration Coordinator:  Bill Giffin


Address:  NWWT, PO Box 1157, Lake Oswego, Or 97035
NWWT is a 501 (c)3 Organization

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