NWWT maintains an outstanding library of books, DVD's and other reference material relating to the art and craft of wood turning.

In developing this leading library, it was important to understand the enormous benefit such a library has for the membership. 

    "Why is it so important?  If the Club has a good Library of knowledge, it’ll help the new people get up to       speed - up to their potential - on the technical aspects of the craft.  Then our good Library will open to         them a huge gallery of ideas on what they can make with their skill, and members can go on from there       to create their own artistic pieces." 

    If we can achieve a great Library someday, maybe it could not only do those good things for the more         advanced members, but also help remind neophyte learners how to work with wood ... safely".

    An added note to our members: remember to write yourself a note to gather and bring to the next               meeting the armload of books and/or videos you checked out some time ago. You might be surprised how     many other members are waiting to see those things back in the library!

Address:  NWWT, 10190 SW Washington St, Portland, Or 97225
NWWT is a 501 (c)3 Organization

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