VP's Corner Article for February

26 Jan 2018 5:02 PM | Mike Porter (Administrator)

2018 is here and in a big way for the Club.  I attended a kick off meeting with the AAW Board that was held here in Portland on Jan. 20th.  It was fun meeting the Board members and hearing about all that it takes to put on such an event.  It comes down to one word…volunteers.  There had to be some 50 people from clubs all over Oregon and Washington there.  Many drove several hours just for that kick off meeting.  There is excitement in the air…the Symposium is 5 months away. 

My committee for the Portland Symposium is the International Demonstrator Hosts.  There are 8 demonstrators coming in from other countries such as Israel, Germany, France, the UK and our neighbors, the Canadians.  Contact me by email or phone for more information.

Ashley Harwood’s all day, hands on class filled up about 2 weeks ago; no surprise.  If you wanted to go, put your name on the wait list in case there’s a cancellation.  There is plenty of room in the all-day demo.  I just signed up having put it off…my grandmother, a world class procrastinator lived by the motto “Procrastination is fun…just you wait and see”.  I encourage you to attend Ashley’s all-day demo, only $40.  You’ll be able to see a variety of skills demonstrated and there will be a lot of back and forth interaction with Ashley to make the day part of your learning experience.  

My request last month for help on the new Education Committee went unanswered so here it is again: I am looking for two members to join me.  The VP job is fun because I get to decide then arrange for learning experiences at Club meetings and classes. We will plan out the Club meeting night demos, decide on which classes to set up, pulse our membership for what you all want to see, then make it happen.  Not hard but fun stuff like that.  Please give me a hand with this.  There is a place for any Club member to help out…according to the level of commitment they are willing to give.    

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