NWWT - Turning Talk

  • 18 Apr 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • On-Line


Date - Saturday, April 18
Time - 9:00 - 10:00
Join Zoom Meeting: You will receive the link to the meeting by email.

  • What - Ask your wood turning questions and we will try our best to provide answers or suggestions.  As with any topic, there generally is no one right answer and often multiple ways to accomplish the same outcome.  We will give you our opinions and you can decide for yourself.
  • Who - From beginners to experienced.  If you are just getting into turning, don’t worry about simple/basic questions – we like easy ones. 
  • Email - You can email questions ahead of time and we will answer when you call in.  Just reply to this email.
  • Design questions – be prepared to show your work in progress if you have questions about the design, fixing a problem, etc.
  • Give Back – not only can you ask us questions; we are also interested in new methods of doing things that you may have tried.  This could include the use of a tool in a new way, combination of methods, homemade jigs, etc.  Good ideas may find their way into the newsletter.

We will learn a lot as we do these and will adjust the format as needed.  Your feedback and participation are critical for success.


  • Is ZOOM safe - yes.  Many of the reports apply to organizations that have detailed information about people.  NWWT only has your email and address.  Also ZOOM has released new software that addresses the concerns of hacking and privacy issues and recommendations to hosts on reducing problems.
  • Timing - We will be on the call for the whole hour but we hope you will call in early and listed to the show.
  • Recordings - I will post a recording of the show on the website.

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